Our goal throughout the module was producing 3D models that can be generated in a ‘Growth & Move Program’. We had an idea to make a cellular growth system which is then executed in Blender so that we can use the meta-balls for our initial cells. We worked with Python to do that. Finally, we could figure out the way to program our cells and could test out our first 3d model created with the program. Based on this model, the next step for us was to make a series of appealing models as our final forms for the Zoetrope.

Zoetrope of generated 3D forms
Figure_01 - Zoetrope animation of generated forms
Taller animation of zoetrope
Figure_02 - Zoetrope animation of generated forms 2
Another animation of zoetrope spinning
Figure_03 - Zoetrope animation of generated forms3