The concept of the installation came from the building of the church. At first, we discovered how people feel in such a spiritual location. Soon, the notion of loneliness and being alone came up. We used the metaphor of a guardian angel expressing a mysterious and constant presence in holy buildings. We looked into previous projects that tackled the same topic. Most of these installations worked with light, to express presence in the room. We wanted to go in a different direction and thought about using sound, the whispering voice of people. Our aim was to collect voice messages that address people who the sender does not know and shall contain a personal story or advice. We received various recordings that approached loneliness in many ways. The sound library contained stories, songs, quotes, and of course advice. We created sound stations, small boxes equipped with proximity sensors, and small speakers. These stations were placed randomly in the church, hidden under the seats. The visitors needed to find and sit close to the boxes so that they could listen to the randomly played messages. We also provided an opportunity for the visitors to leave their own recordings which were listed in the sound library.

Attaching part of the installation to the bottom of a church bench
Figure_01 - Installation attachment
People listening to the recordings
Figure_02 - People listening to the recordings
Person listening to the recording the in church
Figure_03 - People inside the church listening
Box attached the the bottom of the bench
Figure_04 - Box on the bottom of bench