The Stromboli Research Expedition was realised during a module called Soft Architecture in 2017. The installation revolves around the story of a geologist returning home from the field with a strange stone in his bag. We deal with the topic of humans inhabiting a space. Contrary to nature slowly advancing we terraform and invade new land quickly. But what if we reverse the situation and nature overwhelms us it is considered a catastrophe. For the first part of the module, we visited the volcanic island of Stromboli where the looming presence of an active volcano is all around you and yet people have settled on this unlikely crop of land despite its ephemerality.

Depiction of installation in progress black paint on white table
Figure_01 - Depiction of installation in progress
Shelve in the installation front showing installation in progress
Figure_02 - Shelve in the installation front

This year‘s realisation was rather new, wherefore we had a lot of freedom in the selection of the topics and the projects. The peculiarity of this year was the trip to Stromboli. A volcanic island, in fact, the most active volcano around the world, in the middle of the Aeolian island group. The second part of the course took place back in Zürich. We were encouraged to bring our experiences we've made on Stromboli back to Zürich and exhibit them as a physical manifestation.

Full view of the installation during the exhibition
Figure_03 - Installation in full view
Building of the installation filling the tanks
Figure_04 - Building of the installation