Machines are associated with efficiency, and nowadays, their intelligence is measured in the number of artificial neurons. We propose a different approach to designing machines through radical embodiment. In machine research, we see a similar divide between cognition and the body as was the case in neurobiology not long ago. During our project, we explore the potential of machines with an emphasis on material experimentation and narration. We manifested this idea through the construction of physical machines focused around their bodies, acting autonomously in environmental space. Through this process, we hope to reimagine the potential of machines as independently performing agents.

Spiral forming when inflated
Figure_01 - First generation spiral forming
Process and attaching wires to EAP
Figure_01 - Process and attaching wires to EAP
Still image Form Spiral Generation 01
Image_02 - Form Spiral Generation 01

Tales of Arid'Nu is an ongoing project exploring alternative machine evolution through radical embodiment. The project was started in February 2019 together with Aurelian Ammon for our bachelor's project in Interaction Design at Zürich University of the Arts which eventually led us to successfully graduate. Since then the project has made us even more curious about machine intelligence and the combination of fictional narration with applied fabrication.

Circle Generation 01 still image
Figure_03 - Circle Generation 01
Studio after filming the short film to tales of arid'nu
Figure_04 - Studio after filming short film