Hardgutstrasse 7, 8048 Zürich

alles-negativ is part of the open atelier Baustell.

The collective alles-negativ was founded by Carlo Natter and Aurelian Ammon. Their design approach is based on the idea of alles-negativ – a German word that can be translated as “nothing-positive”. It is the negation of the all-positive, which is the belief that everything can be improved. alles-negativ is a platform for critical thinking and a methodology for making things worse. It is a tool to examine the potential for negative consequences and for exploring the boundaries of what is possible. alles-negativ is a design approach for the age of anxiety.
- this was written by an AI but we think it's quite fitting.

The website you are currently looking at was created in an effort to make a very lightweight site, with minimal CSS, no javascript, or jQuery. This was done to allow users with limited or slow access to the internet to still easily view this site. Additionally, it's a great design challenge as we create most of our coding problems ourselves by overdesigning every aspect of a website. Not entirely sure if we achieved that but we did enjoy making it.